Buzz buzz….The bees are here!

We picked up and installed our 2 packages of bees yesterday! How did it go? Pretty smoothly thank goodness. Here is our first experience as newbees.

I picked up the two 3 pound packages around noon. While I was at the Apiary I asked more questions and decided we needed a hive top feeder so I purchased 2. After a good painting they will go in the hives. In the meantime we are using entrance feeders. Anyhow they put the buzzing little bees in the back of my farm trailblazer and away we went. Surprisingly they were quiet on the way home. I had imagined driving home with a deafening buzz in the back. 😂

Hive top feeders. These will go in after a couple coats of paint.
10,000 bees in each box! 🐝🐝🐝

Once we got home I had to put them in my laundry room to keep them fairly cool until evening when it was installing time. Onyx was intrigued but a cautious.

What the heck did you bring home now?

And the wait for Farmer Cheese to get home began. Once he arrived and it was early evening we began getting ready.

We separated the two packages and tapped the first one and sprayed the bees with sugar water to lump them together in the bottom of the box. I was trying to video so Farmer Cheese did the first box. First lesson learned. We needed 2 sets hands. The board covering the queen and the syrup was hard to remove on this first box and because of that and my lack of help he dropped the queen in her little cage into the box with the bees. No biggie, we just did things a little backwards. We dumped the bees in and I reached in and retrieved the queen! Once the majority of the bees were in we set the box near the entrance and put the top on.

About to take the board off and get the syrup and queen out.

Next on to hive 2 where we did everything in the correct order and did not lose our Queen. After the queen was installed between a couple of frames we dumped the bees in. We removed one of the frames first but think the bees would have gone in easier if we had removed 2 or 3. Second lesson learned. After the top was closed on the second hive we filled up the jars of sugar water for the entrance feeders.

Queen for hive 2!

All in all things went very smoothly and we feel quite accomplished. Did I tell you it was so hot that I went out in my jacket and veil, shorts and flip flops?! Farmer Cheese questioned my sanity but I have been practicing being calm. I briefly wondered if there is a world naked beekeeping day but don’t worry, I’m not doing that! 😂🤣

Hello bee! I’m glad you are outside of my veil! (Ignore the flushed face, told you it was hot!)
The rest of the bees will inside soon.
All done!

Who we are

Who are we? What do we do around here? We are just a bunch of animal loving country folk. We have chickens, goats, ducks, dogs, cats, and lots of squirrels and rabbits running around. We plan to expand and add bees and dairy goats. Running a family farm is a lot of work but so rewarding. We just thought we’d share a little of us with you! We hope you enjoy this little clip. If you want to come see us send us a message. 😊

Ducks ducks and more ducks and what’s next?

Now that we branched out and finally got the ducks we are totally addicted. They are absolutely adorable and so much fun to watch. Eight weeks ago we bought 4 Khaki Campbell’s. We haven’t figured out which sex they all are but at least 2 are loud quackers which is a sign of a hen. I can’t see any physical signs of a drake or male, yet. I’m anxiously waiting for that first duck egg! From what I read they are a good bit larger and taste richer.  I’ll let you know when I find out.  I’m ready now to get some more ducks. We would like to add dairy goats and bees. Farmer Cheese loves bacon and I did see where someone had pigs for sale the other day, hm. He thinks a pig would be a pet, not food. I wonder what gave him that idea? 😉 Oh well look out world we might not get a pig, but goats and bees you’re next!

Ducks, ducks ducks!
Ducks, ducks ducks!