True Thankfulness

Here it is Thanksgiving time again. Have you ever really sat down and given thanks for all you have, without wishing you had something else? It is definitely a hard task. I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed holiday.

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Here are a few thoughts about thankfulness that I’d like to share.

First, God tells us we should be thankful in everything. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says we are to be thankful in all circumstances. Ephesians 5:20 tells us to give thanks always and for everything. Give thanks ALWAYS? For EVERYTHING? You might wonder how a person is to give thanks when they are: broke, jobless, homeless, have a serious illness, lost a precious family member, or any other crises they are facing. Yet, these two verses clearly tell us give thanks to God in all circumstances.

I’m sure you have heard the expressions, “It could always be worse”, and “There is always somebody worse off than you.” (By the way, those are the last things a person in despair wants to hear)
When we go through the difficulties that life throws at us and we feel there is no one…

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The old days- I want them back

Every fall when we go to the mountains I am reminded of how simple life used to be and how complex we have made things now. As we hiked the old wagon trails I can’t help but wonder how it must have felt to get up with the sun and work and hunt the land for provisions. And of course after a long hard day off to bed at dark.

IMG_20151005_134400312                                  image

image                                          DSC04096

No television, computers, cell phones, etc. for mindless distractions just family spending time working together, cooking together, and chilling around the fireplace in the evenings.

Sure the modern advances in medicine are a plus. It is heartbreaking to visit the old cemeteries and see rocks and pieces of slate with names of babies and young children carved in them that died of diseases we can heal so simply now.

The modern farming equipment is so very helpful too. And of course without technology I wouldn’t be writing this nor would you be reading it.  Somewhere along the way though we lost sight of the fact that working is beneficial for our mind, bodies, and soul. And that families cant help but grow closer when they work together for their very survival.


How did we come to rely so heavily on something and someone to do everything for us? I can remember just a few years ago when I was a child (ok maybe more than a few) at my grandmothers picking peas and other vegetables and watching all the women canning and freezing them. It was just what they did.

I also remember a time when everyone seemed to stop all that because the grocery stores made it all so convenient. Convenience took the place of healthy, homemade, gathering in the gardens and in the kitchens. And right about this time more and more women went to work outside the home. There is not a lot of time for home and family and a full-time job.   It became hard to make ends meet without a two income family.

Now we as a society have begun to realize that we are killing ourselves with our unhealthy habits. People are beginning to garden again even if it’s in pots on the porch. Young people are learning about home canning. Restaurants, even fast food chains, are beginning to offer healthier choices. It is all a step in the right direction. We as a country still have so far to go. I long for a day when more people can step out their doors and have all the food they need right there. And those who can’t grow their own will realize how important it is to buy fresh from those who do. In two years I will be able to retire from the worldly rat race. I hope I can bring back some more old ways into our lives.

image                                                            Drying okra


Acts of kindness/Cancer Awareness

I came across a blog the other day that is just amazing.
They deliver cards at random to cancer patients. Children, adults, anyone suffering with this dreadful disease. What a great and uplifting idea. If more of us spent a little of our time devoting random acts of kindness to strangers just think how kind and loving our world could be. This kindness has inspired me to try to make sure I am a kinder, more generous person in my day-to-day life. Hopefully as you read this, the work they do will inspire you as well. Please check out the blog and if you know someone who could use a card, add their name to the list!

Ovarian cancer has affected my family. This horrible fast growing cancer takes the lives of so many women that I am going to include common symptoms and a link so if any one need more information they can easily find it.
Please encourage anyone you know with these symptoms that last more than a couple of weeks to see their doctor.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian cancer is difficult to detect, especially, in the early stages.

Pelvic or abdominal pain
Trouble eating or feeling full quickly
Feeling the need to urinate urgently or often

Other symptoms of ovarian cancer can include:
Upset stomach or heartburn
Back pain
Pain during sex
Constipation or menstrual changes

It’s our blogiversary!

Holy wordpress Batman! Cheese Acres Farm has had a blog for a year now. It’s our blogiversary!
When I first started the blog I think a Farmer Cheese thought I was crazy in the head. He may still think so, but I think it’s been a great year. I’ve learned a lot from fellow bloggers, and I learned about myself too. Most of all I’ve enjoyed sharing our lives, chickens, and family with all of you. As we start our second year of blogging I’m praying for an awesome one full of new and old friendships, lots of exciting experiences and adventures and of course tons of fun! Thanks for following us on our journey.


Growing flock, growing family!
Growing flock, growing family!

Spring break!

Sorry for my absence this past week. I have been on spring break with the family! Just to let you know what I’ve been doing, here is a little bitty post and a few pics. I’ve been in the Smoky Mountains having a great time. We’ve been exploring downtown Gatlinburg and of course hiking and shopping and visiting the wine trail. 🙂 More and better pics to follow. These are a few cell phone shots!

Vacations are wonderful, but home is great too. The only bad part is that try as I might my red slippers did not get me home fast enough no matter how many times I said “There’s no place like home”!

As of now I can’t get my waterfall pics to load up, but I will keep adding as I can so keep checking back!

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