Precious Memories

Our hearts hurts. One year ago, January 27th when we came home from work we found our precious Sara Lee was injured, hit by a car. She couldn’t walk. I hadn’t seen her yet and wondered where she was. When Farmer Cheese got home she came out from under a building walking on her front legs and dragging her entire lower body. We were both stunned. We put her in my car and raced to the vet. When I think about it feels like it was yesterday. The days we spent at Auburn University veterinary School, the hope of recovery only to be dashed by bad news again and again. The heartache, the pain, the weeping, the joy on our sweet baby’s face every time she saw us…It all still feels so fresh. The day we lost her, Feb. 1st was the longest and possibly the hardest day of our lives so far. And yet some how we did manage to go on. We take comfort in knowing we and the skilled doctors did everything humanely possible to save her. We take comfort in knowing she is now longer suffering. We take comfort in each other and our other dogs who still miss her too. So many times a day I am reminded of her sweet face, her loving snuggles, her incessant bark, her demanding us to throw her a pine cone. Our hearts will always hold the precious memories of our dear sweet Sara Lee.

A collage of memories.
A collage of memories.
Before surgery kisses
Before surgery kisses

2 thoughts on “Precious Memories

    1. Thank you Tilly, that is so sweet. We finally allowed ourselves to get pups for our sons GSD, Hemi to play with. She really misses Sara Lee too. They are bringing us a lot of joy, as do our other pets, but there’s a hole left that can never be filled. Some pets and people just take up a big space. 😊

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