Christmas Traditions around the world

As my family has grown over the years traditions have evolved with added family members. There are more gatherings to go to, more food to eat, more presents to buy, more children to watch light up as the receive a special toy, and just more fun to be had. If we are not careful there is also more stress to be had as well! One of our traditions when the children were small was to read the Christmas story on Christmas Eve and to leave reindeer food out along with the cookies and milk for Santa. I’m happy to say my daughter has passed these along to her family. My biggest joy this season is watching 3-year-old Noah really understand Christmas and sing those delightful carols! All this thought of tradition has me a little curious about Christmas around the world. Some of these are familiar but I hope this link I found to satisfy my curiosity peeks a little of your own!

In the meantime enjoy Christmas through the eyes of a 3-year-old and some very silly chickens. Merry Christmas and Happy New year from our home to yours!




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