My thoughts on 9/11

As 9/11 approaches again I can’t help but think of the turmoil our country is in. Could something like this or even worse be in store for America? I long for a day when we will be at peace with each other. I felt this was a message worth repeating.

Cheese Acres Farm

Do you remember where you were, what you were doing when you first heard or saw the news that day? I don’t think there is a single soul in America who doesn’t, one who is old enough to remember anyway. I was standing in my mother’s kitchen getting ready to go with her to a doctors appointment as we heard the news of the first plane crashing into the Twin Towers. And before we wrapped our heads around that, the second one collapsed. As I think about it, the feelings I had that day come back to the forefront of my mind and my heart. Shock, disbelief, horror, sadness, what do we do now?
I also remember staring in horror at the television when the space shuttle exploded with school teacher Christa MCauliffe aboard. Although just a wee tot at the time I saw how devastated our country was and…

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