A letter to our readers- Getting back in the swing of things

Hi everyone,
I’ve neglected the blog a few weeks. It’s been hard to focus with school starting back and trying to get back in the swing of things. It’s so much easier to live this homesteading life when there’s not a 9-5 life to live as well. Side note, I only wish it were just a 9-5! On top of the “real” full time jobs there’s full time jobs waiting at home. Sigh, but we chose it. And we love this farm and country life and wouldn’t change any part of it. The only change we’d make is retiring from those careers a little sooner so we can enjoy it more.

We have also just had the 6 month anniversary of Sara Lee’s accident and death. It has taken a toll on both of us. It still hits us both hard some days when we come home knowing she’s not here.

Sara Lee, Noah and me. You never quite recover from a loss like this.
Sara Lee, Noah and me. You never quite recover from a loss like this.

On a happy note the littlest farm hand, our grandson Noah, just turned 3! Seems like yesterday he was born. Heck, sometimes it seems like yesterday that his mama was born!

Where did the time go?
Where did the time go?

We still have a few okra,tomatoes and herbs growing in this drought. It has been so long since we have had a real rain here that I just may run out and dance in the first down pour we get! It rains around us, but only sprinkles on us occasionally. We are hoping for  much better weather and more successful garden come fall.

We added 4 Japanese bantams to the flock of chickens and the ducks have grown like weeds. It is simply amazing how much joy our feathered friends give us every day. We are averaging 40-50 or so eggs every day. Not bad for a heat wave!


Ducks are a blast!
Ducks are a blast!

We’d love to hear what you all have been up to. Feel free to comment and let us know. And I will try to get back on track. 😉


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