Why I have Roosters!

I simply adore my roosters and here is why!

Cheese Acres Farm

A good rooster is great protection for the hens. He will put himself between any predator and his hens. If they are free-range he will not only lead them to tasty treats to eat, he will do a little song and dance called “tidbitting” to let the hens know he has found food. Then he will let them eat first and offer them bugs he’s caught from his beak. It fascinates me to watch them do this. They are such gentlemen. Some people will say that you don’t really need a rooster and I guess you don’t need them but why not enjoy this ritual, the beautiful sound of their crowing and their protective qualities if you can? And of course that they can fertilize the eggs if you would like to incubate and hatch your own chicks is a huge advantage!

Here at Cheese Acres we have several Roos…

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