If only the world were like egg salad……..

Just a little side note since this blog was published. We were a featured blogger on Our Simple Homestead Blog Hop! I’m so thrilled to display this button. Thanks to Nancy from On the Homefront and thanks to all of you for reading. 😊 Veletta

Our Simple Homestead Blog Hop
Making egg salad!
Making egg salad!

I was making egg salad the other day and as I was cracking my blue, white, light brown, dark brown and other varying shades of egg colors into the bowl I started thinking.  Each egg is different in color and shade and variety  but each is absolutely beautiful. Yet when cracked open the egg on the inside is exactly the same. Some smaller, some bigger, some even with 2 yolks, but yet still the same, an egg. A delicious farm fresh egg that when boiled and mixed together in my bowl with mayonnaise, pickle relish,a little mustard, salt, pepper, and paprika makes a most delicious egg salad. Some how these eggs that look different on the outside mix together and make a beautiful meal. Big sigh here. I’m so saddened by all the arguments going on in our world lately. So much hatred. Racial tension, flag controversy, LGBT bashing, Christian bashing. No matter which “side” you are on the hatred is wrong. We are all beautiful eggs in this world. Regardless of what you believe it is time that all of us stopped hating and started being just a little nicer. That doesn’t mean you can’t express your views, your faith, your beliefs etc. It just means you need to express it lovingly so we all mix together in the bowl and make egg salad.



Shades of browns and white
Shades of browns and white
Beautiful colors!
Beautiful colors!

12 thoughts on “If only the world were like egg salad……..

  1. Fantastic post! I wished more people felt like you and stopped this unnecessary hatred. Yes, we are all beautiful, just wished more people saw the beauty within themselves.
    Visiting from Our Simple Homestead Blog Hop

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