Ducks ducks and more ducks and what’s next?

Now that we branched out and finally got the ducks we are totally addicted. They are absolutely adorable and so much fun to watch. Eight weeks ago we bought 4 Khaki Campbell’s. We haven’t figured out which sex they all are but at least 2 are loud quackers which is a sign of a hen. I can’t see any physical signs of a drake or male, yet. I’m anxiously waiting for that first duck egg! From what I read they are a good bit larger and taste richer.  I’ll let you know when I find out.  I’m ready now to get some more ducks. We would like to add dairy goats and bees. Farmer Cheese loves bacon and I did see where someone had pigs for sale the other day, hm. He thinks a pig would be a pet, not food. I wonder what gave him that idea? πŸ˜‰ Oh well look out world we might not get a pig, but goats and bees you’re next!

Ducks, ducks ducks!
Ducks, ducks ducks!

8 thoughts on “Ducks ducks and more ducks and what’s next?

  1. Hey congratulations on the Khaki’s. A great choice as an egg layer. No homestead is complete without the antics of their quackery! BTW, if you have any males you should see a curl feather on his back-end at about eight weeks or so.

    1. I’ve been looking for that feather but no sign yet. But one is beginning to get a little more colorful. His, finger crossed here, head is a little greener and so is his bill. 😊

      1. That is a good indicator at about that age also. Hopefully you have just one male and three girls. You will love the eggs. We have had Khaki’s in the past and they are a great bird. I have a Muscovy acting as a surrogate mother right now sitting on 12 Welch Harlequin eggs. They are due to hatch next week so we are excited to if using the Muscovy is successful. Going to try the Welch as a egg and meat bird. Maybe I will finally post to our blog when they are hatched. Been a while! Good luck with the Khaki’s.

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  3. Our males didn’t get the curled tail feather until about 12 to 15 weeks old. They started getting the male coloring before they got the drake feather. It is hard to wait and see.

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