Bravery and Courage~ Just my opinion

Bravery and courage. Just what do those two words mean? I think we have lost sight in this world of what these words truly mean. There is so much hype now about Bruce or Caitlyn Jenner and her /his bravery about his sex change. Is that what we really want to call this? For me I think we need to find a better choice of words. I’m not saying he made his decision lightly. I’m not saying he didn’t have to have any sort of boldness to be able to come out and do what he did and face the public. I’m not saying it wasn’t a difficult decision. In  fact I’m sure it was a quite daring decision. I just think the media using him as the new face of bravery  and courage is in poor taste. So if we don’t call what he did brave or courageous, just what is brave and courageous? First Webster defines bravery as a quality that allows someone to do things that are dangerous or frightening. It is the act of being brave, fearlessness. Courage is defined as the ability to do something that frightens one.  I’ve had multiple sinus operations as well as several others and I can tell you each time a person goes under the knife it’s scary as hell. So yea, having surgery anyway means you have to overcome some fear.  It does not make you a poster child for bravery. I will tell you what I think brave and courageous mean.

Brave is the soldier who goes and fights for his country. Courageous is the family who waits for him at home. Brave is the soldier who gave up his life for his country.  Courageous is the widow who now has to find a way to bury her husband and live her life. Brave also, is the little boy or girl who buries their father because he gave up his life so you could have yours. Courageous is the athlete who gives a kidney to a little girl that he’s never met before, just because she needs one. Courageous are the men and women that are fighting cancer, heart disease or other major illnesses every day. They don’t let their disease get them down. They  fight with fearlessness.  Courageous is the young woman who’s waiting for test results back to find out if she’s having a baby because they’ve tried for years. Courageous is the woman who gives up her own body to have a child for another woman. Brave is the stranger who jumps out and pushes a child to safety so he doesn’t get hit by a car. Brave are our firefighters are policeman our EMT who put their lives in harm’s way every day. Brave was Martin Luther King Jr. marching peacefully for equality. Courageous are the nurses who hold a patients hand when they receive bad news. Brave and courage are the many ordinary people who do many extraordinary things to help others every day. These and many more examples are what brave and courageous is.

Doing something for yourself such as becoming a woman when you were previously a man just does not qualify you as brave. It puts you in the media spotlight.  There is just no comparison to these people who have and would give their lives for others nor does it compare with those who fight battles every day. It’s  just not an example of bravery  and courage my opinion. But does God still love Bruce/Caitlyn? Absolutely. And that’s another story for another day.

10 thoughts on “Bravery and Courage~ Just my opinion

  1. I respectfully stop following after this post. Trans people are brave for coming out as their true gender specifically because of attitudes like this. Be well.

    1. That is your choice, I respectfully disagree with you. I don’t take his decision lightly but i believe believe God does not make mistakes. People do. It’s clearly documented what comes from people not following God. I know people disagree on that too. But being a sinner, as we all are does not make God love us less.

      1. A transgendered person is not a mistake, just as a child born with a congenital illness is not a mistake. Does treating the child with the illness go against god? Does standing under an umbrella in the rain go against god as he intends for us to get wet? Why must we devalue any act of bravery in this difficult world? Or do you think he has changed his gender in order to make money or be popular? Thank you for engaging me in this discussion.

      2. Whoa, I never said they were a mistake. I said God does not make mistakes. God made a person to be a man or a woman. People from beginning of time, stating with Adam and Eve have screwed up and brought in sin. Gods laws are very clear. You would think it wrong if a person were a child molester, a robber, a drunk driver committing multiple vehicular homicides, a rapist. Yet all these are so called mans laws come from God. But when a person breaks his laws as to what is ok to do with their body everyone gets upset when Christians disagree with it. Gods laws says its wrong. Simple as that. Yes, it took an act of personal courage to do what he did, but the way it is applauded and spotlighted in the media is wrong. Christians will always disagree with what the Gay and transgender community does. That does not mean we love them as people any less. And it certainly does not mean God does. My God, the God of the Bible is a loving but also a vengeful God. It is just simply not in a persons best interest to do what they know is wrong.

      3. Enlighten me if you would. When the bible says “Thou shalt not kill”, how does that translate to “Thou shalt not kill unless your government says you should because there’s a war and then if you kill, you’re a brave hero”? Also, curious where in the bible it says that you are not allowed to modify your body. Are haircuts ungodly? Are heart transplant patients always looked down upon by christians?

      4. There are several times that the Lord led his people into battle. He is not a passive God. He is not against war. Heart transplants heal the sick. Jesus himself healed many people. Some people take verses out of context like cutting your hair but the Lord speaks very clearly about the body being a temple in several places. Do you really want to know or do you just want to argue?

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