May is National Egg Month! Do you know where your eggs really come from? Is

Where do your eggs really come from? What do all those confusing terms and labels really mean? Hopefully we can clear up a bit of the confusion for everyone by answering some common questions.

Is there any difference between white eggs and brown eggs? Nope. They taste exactly the same. In fact some hens lay blue, green, pink and other colored eggs! They all taste the same and have the same nutritional value, depending on where you get them of course.

I buy “cage-free” eggs from the supermarket. Doesn’t that mean the hens get to roam outside? Not necessarily. It just simply means they have unlimited food and water and roam around freely in their habitat which is usually indoors. Most likely they are very crowded.

Farm Fresh, that means I can be sure my eggs are fresh right? Only if you know your farmer and you get them straight from them! A factory farm is still called a farm. And that is the worst possible place to get your eggs.

I’ve heard free-range are the best eggs to buy. Is this right? Well…. Just like cage free this really means they can move around in their habitat. They may have a door to the outside but they may also be so crowded they might not be able to find it. Their conditions are usually unsanitary and crowded most the time. Again, know your farmer.



Unfortunately all three of these pictures you see here could be classified in your grocery store as “cage free”, “farm fresh” and even “free range” as long as there is a door leading outside. Disgusting isn’t it?

Here are a couple more labels you may have seen.
Omega-3 Enriched –This means their food is supplemented with foods higher in the Omega 3’s such as soy,flax-seed, and fish oil.

Natural– Simply means minimal processing but has no regulations on the farms or food used.

Organic– Organic has the USDA seal stating that the hens are fed organically and are free of hormones and antibiotics. They are usually free-range which we know means access to the outdoors. They might not be grazing in a field. Know your farmer.

Pasteurized – Pasteurization is exposure to heat to kill off any possible bacterial. This might be good if you eat them raw but it destroys the nutritional value. Getting clean eggs from a farmer you know makes this not necessary.

Pastured Eggs– At the moment this is the only label you can trust. Hopefully it will stay that way. Personally I don’t trust any egg from a supermarket. Pastured or grass-fed is what you are picturing when you see the hens out in the fields grazing away all day. At night they will head to their coops. This is true FREE-RANGING! They come and go as they please, have access to plenty of water, bugs, earthworms and other critters. They are living the high life. Their eggs have up to 20 times more healthy Omega 3’s than those poor factory farmed hens. So who needs Omega 3 added eggs? Pastured raised is how it was done “back in the day”. It is how we do it here at Cheese Acres. Our chickens have a huge fenced in area they stay in for protection against predators when no one is home. When we are here they are let loose for true free ranging of all the property. They go where they want to.
The nutritional value of such eggs far exceeds others.
From Mother Earth News pastured eggs have:
• 1/3 less cholesterol
• 1/4 less saturated fat
• 2/3 more vitamin A
• 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids
• 3 times more vitamin E
• 7 times more beta carotene

I’m concluding today with this final advice. Don’t let grocery store labels fool you. Buy truly fresh eggs from a local farmer. Know your farmer.

Inside the fence
Inside the fence


Outside at play
Outside at play
Enjoying my free range freedom!
Enjoying my free range freedom!

8 thoughts on “May is National Egg Month! Do you know where your eggs really come from? Is

  1. Wonderful Article!

    In the nearly 10 years since I first fell down the rabbit’s hole of nutrition, local food, etc., I’ve sadly watched as each new ‘label’ comes out, that might start off with good intentions, but doesn’t survive long before either strict regulations come out requiring ‘permitted to use this term’ fees that are un-doable by the small local providers OR a ‘requirements’ list for using the gets changed/modified/watered down/misinterpreted, etc., at the behest of a lobbyist for the Big Companies to keep doing what they’ve always done, and appear like they are ‘listening to customer desires’ – 🙂

  2. I’m always amazed at how nice well intentioned ‘labeling’ ideas start off and how quickly they are diluted/become meaningless as a guide to what you really want – once loop holes are found/or added, OR once licensing fees are out of reach for those who truly meet all the requirements of the spirit of the label… 🙂

      1. Yup – it is asking too much, if your whole business model can only turn the profit deemed acceptable by your stockholders, by ignoring what’s neede/desired/regulated/asked for…. 🙂

        Sorry – I’m a realist (cynic) at heart and to me, the “Invisible Hand” that regulates any political/business system is Free Speech that educates others – which you so brilliantly displayed in this post! 🙂

        Congrats! You, too, have become the Champion of Democracy – (even if you thought about not casting your vote for any of the candidates who made it to the final round last election – cuz you didn’t want your one vote to be the one that put them in office!) 😀

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