Delicious Frittata

If you are like us and love eggs and always have too many then you may love a good frittata! It is easier than an omelette, no flipping required. And it always gets completely done, which I like. I will usually make one big enough that I can have a few slices all week-long for breakfast on the go. The first thing I do is brown sausage using my cast iron skillet.  I use venison sausage, probably near a half pound. When the meat is partially brown I add onions, chives, peppers, and a good-sized handful of spinach or kale and let it all sauté. In the meantime I’ve cracked and stirred, salted and peppered a dozen eggs! When the meat mixture looks just right I pour the eggs in and  stir. Last I sprinkle a little of whatever cheese I have on hand and let it sit until it gets bubbly and begins to firm up. It just takes a few minutes. Meanwhile I’ve turned the oven on 350 degrees. The skillet goes in the oven until the top is nice and browned.  Try not to brown the top too much because it may get over done on the inside. And there you have it, a simple breakfast or dinner!


Eggs set, cheese added ready to go in the oven


Finished product! Ready to cut and eat! 


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