Chickie Progress-Consider Your breeds before you purchase!

The new chicks are growing by leaps and bounds. So much so that we have already had to separate the first group twice! So much for the commercial brooder holding 50 chicks. There were 25 chicks in there and suddenly at about 2-3 weeks old, give or take a little, we noticed 5 of the little girls were huge compared to the others. So at 3 weeks we moved them to their own brooder. At 4 weeks the little rascals still need more room so we’ve separated the rest.  Now all 4 brooder drawers are full.  The top drawer has the 3 week olds. We ordered a mixture of brown layers and Ameracaunas. So why, you might ask are some of them so big? I jokingly told Farmer Cheese we had little baby ostriches! Well, as the kids say what happened is when you order an assortment you get just that. Which we knew, but somewhere in the back of our minds I don’t think we realized just how fast some breeds would out grow other breeds! It’s something to think about when you order or buy a variety.  Apparently our 5 little giants are just that, White Giants! And they are ginormous compared to the others. The poor babies are so heavy they can hardly stand up. Hopefully they won’t out grow the brooder completely before they are fully feathered!

On the perch
She is so big she lays down to eat!

One thought on “Chickie Progress-Consider Your breeds before you purchase!

  1. I enjoyed reading this about getting the assortment. I have always thought it might be a good idea, however your post let me know, that my two of this and three of that, and oh yes one of those two, knowing what I am getting really is the right way to go.

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