Hatchery chicks-Part 2

The replacement chicks arrived Tuesday. 2 were dead on arrival. Oh well, I guess we can live with that. Fingers crossed for the rest. Within an hour two more dead. Overnight we lost 6 more. By now I’m needing all my fingers and about to pull out my toes to keep count because a couple more look weak. By the time I get home from work Wednesday afternoon we’ve lost 2 more and 2 are hanging by the proverbial thread. The two don’t make it, and we are seriously frustrated. I’ve put in a call to the hatchery by now and they are once again most understanding. They have really been very kind and have great customer service. But watching little chicks die is just very disheartening. Instead of replacing them, this time we are opting for a refund. By Thursday we’ve lost 2 more for a total of 16. 16 out of 26 in this order. 14 lost out of 42 in the first order. Is just over 50% survival rate good? Not to us, it’s not. What happened? I wish I knew. We have a commercial brooder and we have done this chicken thing for years. Was it too cold? Maybe. Was our mail too slow? Maybe. Will we order again? Not anytime soon. Maybe in the end of summer when it’s warmer. Do we want to discourage you from ordering? Absolutely not. Each persons experience is different. We have apparently had a run of bad luck. If you’ve ordered chicks we would love to hear your stories!

Just look at that face!
Just look at that face!

10 thoughts on “Hatchery chicks-Part 2

    1. After losing our dear fur baby Sara Lee last week, then all these chicks we are just numb. We are grateful for the chicks that lived and mourning our Sara Lee. I just havent been able to blog about her yet.

  1. we have lost whole orders to, heat, one summer cold the next spring and wet a few years later! Eventually I just raised my own chicks on the farm. We did not get as many babies every year but the loss rate was almost O with a mama doing all the work.. Hope things get better!

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