Drying and storing herbs at home

I have just finished storing my first dried herbs from my garden. What an accomplishment! I wasn’t sure how much to dry so I cut what I thought was a lot. There are some herbs I may do more of next time. But I think I have plenty to last until the outdoor growing season gets here. I used the leftovers and the scraps from all the mess I made to make nesting box herbs for the hens. No waste here. Since this was my first experience with this I used the advice of Mother Earth News. Here’s the link to the site I used.

Naturally I had to add my own touches. I cut my herbs and hung them upside down using a clothes hanger, clothes pins and a rubber band to secure to bundles.
When they were completely brittle I took them down and began the storing process. I used my small wood block and wooden spoon to help crush the leaves since I didn’t have a mortar and pestle. It worked fine, but I will be ordering one for next time.
(Amazon has several choices)

Fresh herbs ready to dry
Fresh herbs ready to dry
Crushing herbs to store
Crushing herbs to store
Finished products!
Finished products!

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