Homestead life and full time jobs

I’d like nothing better than to never have to set foot in a grocery store again! Of course there are some things a person has to buy but to become as self-sufficient as possible is our goal. Unfortunately now we both still work full-time jobs. Then upon coming home tending to the gardens and the chickens is another full-time job. It isn’t easy making all this work but it is well worth it. One day we will be able to leave the working world jobs behind and focus on our homestead. Right now we are weekend warriors and work until dark or dark-thirty everyday, but we love our little farm. 🙂 Here is my little poetic thoughts on that subject. I hope you enjoy.






Gardening in the spring, summer and fall
Canning, freezing, preserving it all
Making pickles, jams and jellies
Growing enough to fill our bellies
Hens and roosters running everywhere
Providing plenty of fresh eggs to share
Milk goats are next in our master plan
Along with bees for honey, making pies and jam
One day we’ll leave the rush of the world behind
And live content here in our homestead life!


3 thoughts on “Homestead life and full time jobs

  1. I’m just starting out on the road to raising chicken’s. There seems to be alot of split views on the amount of work involved. I only have 6 right now but thought it was a good number to start with. I still have a long ways to go before I can personally say one way or the other. Being as independent as I can be is the ultimate goal in my quest to a better and more fulfilling life. Use my knowledge and ambition to self sustain.

    1. I’d say the work involved does vary depending on how many chickens you get, how picky you are about keeping the grounds and coop clean etc. The cost of raising them from biddies to layers can be quite expensive, especially when predators keep getting them once they get to that point!

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