What will help make my blog better?

I’ve done this “blogging thing” now for a little over a year. I still consider my self somewhat of a newbie. I’m constantly trying to find ways to make our blog interesting and appealing to a larger and more varied audience. Although we are technically Cheese Acres Farm, we are still people and we have lives with many things going on that might interest someone! Most of the time I stick to homesteading, gardening, cooking, chicken farming, type of issues but as an individual with other interests I will sometimes stray. I try to at least stay in the ball park, lol. I also tend to write what I feel. This is a mistake to some people, but I can’t seem to help myself. I’ve always been outspoken and apparently “out-written”too. (Is that even a word?)  I really don’t try much to fancy things up, since I am just a simple country girl. Although educated ( Education Specialist ) and able to use enormous words and a more eloquent writing style if I choose, I really prefer to keep it simple. I like to look at lots of pictures so I try to share them. I hope I have succeeded at making our blog enjoyable.

One thing I have noticed as I read other blogs is that the easier it is to follow the more likely I am to follow it. If I have to hunt all through it for how to follow or the only choice I can find is email subscribe I might just leave. I hope that I have made it easy to follow us on WordPress, Blogger and by email. I’d to do Google connect also but have not quite figured it out. Help anyone? I also like the sharing of blogs to Facebook , Twitter, Google, Pinterest, etc. I have not been able to get my blog posts to share to Pinterest. If anyone can shed light on how to go about fixing this problem, I’d love the help.

I hope my format is easy on the eyes, because I am aiming for that along with trying for a nice uncluttered look. If anyone has suggestions I’m always glad to hear those as well.

I’m not really in to changing my theme all the time but I do like a change with the holidays. I think changing too much gets confusing for those who have become familiar with you.

My thoughts are that we should help each other. I think we can’t really go wrong with a blog that reads simply, is enjoyable, and is simple to share and follow. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


6 thoughts on “What will help make my blog better?

      1. Yes, so long as you’ve got categories that you check off when you make each post. For example on my blog I have categories like chickens, ducks, rabbits, recipes, etc. That way if someone just wants to read about rabbits, they can specifically search out all the posts about rabbits. Or if they (or I) am looking for one of my recipes, one can be more easily found by clicking on the recipe category and having all the non-recipe posts eliminated from that search. I find it a tremendously helpful tool when I am searching someone’s blog for something more specific than homesteading.

  1. To pin a blog post, go to your blog, click on your “pin it” tool and the image for your blog will come up. Click on the image, and then it will ask you which board you want to pin it on. You must be signed into the account you want to pin to. I have to sign out of my personal account and then into my Lead Life Well account so that it gets pinned to the right board. Hope that helps. 🙂

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