Dried Okra

We had a great harvest of okra this year. We’ve given some away, grilled some, fried some, oven roasted some, even pickled some. I hate to admit it we have also thrown some away that ruined. 😪 Finally it dawned on me. Use that dehydrator you have and dry some!

I washed my okra and then cut the ends off. I then sliced the okra in half. Once I had a nice bowl full I sprayed it with coconut oil and then added a variety of seasonings ; sea salt, pepper, and a garlic blend.

I placed the okra on the trays of the dehydrator seed side down. When all the trays were full I set it to high. After about 12 hours my okra was delicious and crispy! I think next time I may leave it whole because I did lose a lot of seeds. I will let you know how it goes when I try it again.

Okra seeds down on the  rack
Okra, seeds down on the rack

After about 12 hours the okra was nice and crispy and delicious. It had a great seasoned taste and makes a wonderful chip substitute. I bagged some up in my food saver for later and put the rest in a container for now. I have a feeling it won’t last long.



I am looking forward to my next batch already!

*Just a few helpful hints: I use a Nessco Gardenmaster dehydrator and a Food Saver vacuüm sealer system. I love them both.


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