Fried okra- whole and delicious!

We were frying some okra the other day and it occurred to me, why not fry it whole? After some asking around I discovered that yes, people do this. So the next time we decided to fry something out came the okra!
The first thing I did was to cut both ends off the okra and then place it in a bowl of buttermilk and seasonings(salt, pepper, garlic blend) for about 15 minutes or so. I made sure every piece was thoroughly coated.
I filled a gallon ziplock bag with about a cup flour and a cup of cornmeal while the okra was soaking. I then placed a few pieces at a time in the bag shaking to coat thoroughly. After I had all the okra coated and placed on a plate I then turned it over to the capable hands of Farmer Cheese who mans the fryer. The outcome was absolutely delicious! We may never go back to cutting little slices to fry again. Of course okra is wonderful oven roasted in slices but that’s another story for another day. 🙂

Yummy fried okra!
Yummy fried okra!

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