Summer Splashing

Excuse my short absence. Unfortunately for me summer is almost over. I’ve made the most of it with a little summer splashing! 🙂

Chickies love the water
Chickies love the water
Dogs love puddles too!
Dogs love the puddles!
And ponds too!
And ponds too!
We like splashing in the beach!
We like splashing in the beach!

Summer, please don’t end!


2 thoughts on “Summer Splashing

  1. I love you photo, and all the moisture. Your statement about summer almost over caught me. It is sort of funny because I don’t think of myself as a half-empty kind of girl, but the first day of summer for me is always like the last day of summer because days start getting shorter. As an early riser I notice the lost minutes within days. So you are right summer is almost over.

    1. I hadn’t looked at it from that perspective, but you are right. As soon as we have the longest day they start getting shorter again don’t they? My summer is nearly gone because we start back to school as teachers July 29th! Crazy!

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