Little bitty eggs ~ How to clean them out to save

My now 15 week old production red hen has laid an egg every day for 9 days! They are tiny and cute as can be. These are barely peewee sized,so they are bigger than the “wind” or “fart” eggs you might see sometimes. Although I’d love to crack one open and see exactly what’s in it I have so far refrained. I am going to clean them out and add them to my little basket of eggs. I am not one of those ultra crafty people who can paint and draw on eggs like you may have seen before so it’s a good thing I really love the natural colors.

To get the insides out I’m taking a blas-fix egg blower, a handy tool that is available on Amazon, and puncturing a tiny hole in each end.

Blas-Fix Egg blower
Blas-fix Egg blower

Once I have done that, I will insert the needle into the bigger hole and squeeze the pump.

All the insides will squeeze right out. Once I have gotten all that will come out, I add a little water into the pump to clean the insides as thoroughly as possible. While I was doing the eggs, I accidentally cracked one and inside was a perfect little tiny yolk!

Blast-Fix in action
Blast-Fix in action

Once I have several all cleaned out I will wash the outsides, put them on a paper towel in the microwave for about a minute or so on a low level. This will dry up whatever might have been left and take the fresh egg smell away so my dogs don’t try to eat them!

Ready for microwave
Ready for microwave

When they are all dry they go in my egg basket for display. These are replacing the ones my dog ate before I learned the microwave tip! We live and learn don’t we?

Love my little eggs!
Love my little eggs!

Quick update: On day 10 and 11, she laid a real medium sized egg. We have a real egg layer now. Whoo hoo!


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