Coop Cleaning & Nesting box Refreshers

We just completed a thorough cleaning of the big coop from top to bottom this past week.We took all the old wood chips and straw out for composting and gave the coop a good cleaning. We used a broom to get spider webs down and a wet dry vac to clean it and the nesting boxes up as much as possible. We tried not to disturb the girls who were laying so we did the nesting boxes last and kept apologizing for the intrusion. πŸ™‚ After the cleaning we let the coop air out as long as possible before putting down a sprinkling of DE (Diamatceous Earth) and adding fresh wood chips. We have had some trouble with mites and want to ensure that they are removed!
Fresh straw was put into the nesting boxes along with a variety of herbs and rose petals! Herbs and plants not only make the coop and nesting boxes pretty and smell good, they each have a special function that helps in natural chicken keeping. Here is the herbs I used and why:
Rosemary- I used rosemary for pain relief, respiratory health, and to help with the mites. (insecticide)
Greek Oregano- Oregano is good for the immune system and helping to ward off disease.
Parsley – It is high in vitamins, and is a laying stimulant.It also helps in the development of blood vessels.
Lavender- It smells delicious, has insecticidal and stress relieving properties as well as helping with circulation.
Dill Weed- Dill is an antioxidant, relaxant, and helps with respiratory health.
Mint- All types of Mint makes a good insecticide and rodent repellent.

I have also planted sage for the nervous system, thyme which helps with respiratory health as well as parasites, and spearmint and chives. I plan to refresh the nesting boxes periodically with whichever herbs need trimming at the moment and either rose petals for the aroma and or marigold for its insect repellent and antioxidant properties.

I’m also planning on planting some chamomile for its mite and lice killing properties as well as its ability to relax and distress. It’s also a good antiseptic and antibiotic. This is our first year growing herbs. If you have some you love to grow please share!

Clean coop, fresh nesting boxes!
Clean coop, fresh nesting boxes!


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