How to make the easiest “scare-person ever”!

We had a horrible problem with deer in the garden last year so we decided this year we needed to put noisy little people in the garden to keep them away. You would think with 3 dogs they would stay out but our dogs are so spoiled they think they are people. 🙂 And that is another story.

To make the scarecrow I started with a fence post that easily moves from one place to another. These are about 4′ tall and just stab into the ground.
I placed an old shirt on a wire clothes hanger and slid it over the top hook. No hook? Duct tape works wonders. I used a sharpie and drew a cute little face on pie tin and then used my handy pocket knife (every country girl has one) and cut a slit in it and tied it near the top. It will move around and rattle against the post in the breeze. Next I put an old hat on top and used duct tape to secure it to the post.

Easy Scare-Person
Easy Scare-Person
And there you have it a scare- person in about 5 minutes! It took me longer to find the old hats and shirts and talk Farmer Cheese out of them than it did to make my little people.

We have also hung up some human hair around the garden in stockings to help make the deer think people are out there! I may add some hair to Mrs. Cheese’s pie tin head lol!

I hope these ideas help you and I’d love to hear what’s been successful on your homesteads. Until next time,


9 thoughts on “How to make the easiest “scare-person ever”!

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  2. We’ve not had issue with deer in our garden, but have with our new apple trees. We have caged them now. As for our garden we have a fence around it to keep most critters out, but deer could get in if they really wanted to as it is not high. We also have a wind chime and some old bad CD’s hanging around the garden to deter birds and such. Pie pans are great because they are so noisy, but I never thought of using them for the face of a scarecrow.

    Thanks for sharing with us at The HomeAcre Hop!

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    1. CD’s are a great idea. I realized the other day as I was about to throw away yet another jar ring I should be keeping them for a wind chime! I love y’all’s homeacre hop. look forward to finding some good info!

  3. My former neighbor hung CD’s in his cherry trees and even ran an extension cord so he could leave a radio turned on IN THE TREES, tuned to a talk station. It actually worked pretty good to keep the birds out of the cherries. I think your pie pan face would be quite effective since it would move in the wind and make metallic banging noises.

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