Why bad things happen to good people

I’ve reflected on this topic a lot lately. Probably because a few friends who have lost full term babies recently have been on my mind and in my heart. I also know, as I’m sure you do, people who have and are currently experiencing major illness, life changing family situations, death, financial hardship, and other catastrophic events we can only imagine. So where is God while we face these hardships one might ask?

One of my very favorite books series was made into a movie. The author is Janette Oke and the series is Love Comes Softly. Despite the name it is a pioneering story full of hardships, tragedies, hard work, faith in God and yes, love. In the story when Clark meets Marty there has already been tragedy. He has lost his wife, she her husband. A little girl (Missy) has lost a mother. In my very favorite scene as Marty is screaming at Clark after his barn has just burned to the ground,”How can you believe in a God who let’s things like this happen? Did you pray for the barn to burn down, Did you pray for Ellen to be taken from you, for Missy to grow up without a mother?” Clark, in his calm, mild way takes her had and tells her to come on, “we’re going to church”! His church is a beautiful scenic mountain overlook that if I tried to describe I would fail miserably. As they sit on a log he explains that even though Missy is right beside him, she can still fall and get hurt. As her father, he will pick her up, dust her off, check her wounds, and love her. Even though he was right beside her she still fell and got hurt. He didn’t allow it, he didn’t cause it, but he was there to help her when it happened. That is the way our Heavenly Father is with us. And then he left Marty to think on it.

So as you struggle with whatever it is you are facing, follow Clark’s lead. Go to “church”. Whether your church is a walk in the forest listening to the birds, a mountain view, a peaceful stream,watching a gorgeous sunset, sitting in the park, your farm and chickens at play, whatever in God’s nature brings you comfort and rest, go to “church” and listen for His voice. Think on it. Pray on it.


Georgia Sunset
Georgia Sunset

10 thoughts on “Why bad things happen to good people

  1. Thank you for sharing this post on the blog hop. I struggle this in my life, it is hard to remember sometimes Allah has the best of the plans and at the end everything turns out great..


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