Snow/Sleet days on the farm in South Georgia!

Iced over Coops

Iced over Coops

This has been an interesting winter to say the least! Our dogs have seen snow once and they were not very fond of it. Sara Lee was just a young’un and she played in it a couple of years ago when it actually stayed on the ground, as long as we were out there too! The older dogs not so much. Now the cat and the chickens, this is definitely a first for them. The silly cat keeps trying to go outside, I keep trying to keep her in. She runs outside or just takes a look out the door and runs back in! In the meantime I’m saying “hurry up silly cat you’re letting out the heat!” The older dogs crunch across the ice slowly as if to say, “what is this stuff and why is it on my porch and grass?” Sara Lee doesn’t really care, she’s always full speed ahead.

Icicles make pretty decorations
Icicles make pretty decorations

This winter has been some of the coldest weather we have had in a long time. We have closed vents and windows on the chicken coop, secured the doors tightly, fed the chickens scratch in the evenings all to keep them warm. Why? Because we thought they might be cold. Everyone deserves a warm place to sleep at night and duck into during the day to knock the chill off. Well,these silly chickens absolutely loved this wintery mix we just had. They got out there and pecked ice, sleet and snow and stomped around in icy cold puddles! We were up like we are in the arctic and they are playing and having a blast. During the short time I had my mittens off to take pictures I thought my hands were frozen solid! But they are not cold, so I am no longer worrying about them in the daytime anyway. Yes, I will still give them scratch to warm their tummies, and close the coop up to keep it as warm as possible but these birds are resilient! I am no longer a worried chicken mama. Except I can’t help but worry about foxes, coyotes, hawks; I hear owls are a problem too. Oh my, I’m putting back on my worried mama title. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Snow/Sleet days on the farm in South Georgia!

  1. That is a lot of ice for your area. Hoping it will all be melted soon. The chickens seem to be taking it all in stride and keeping up with their usual routine. Stay warm and safe hopefully soon we all will see some warmer weather. Hugs

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