Bring on the Spring! Well…. maybe not.

Miami Beach! Pic from NBC news.
Miami Beach! Pic from NBC news.
Baby it's cold outside!
Baby it’s cold outside!

Well, this last week of weather has certainly been interesting to say the least. We southern folk are just not prepared for Arctic blasts! We just don’t have the proper clothes for one thing. Layers we can do, but there is not a warm enough outer layer to keep my behind (not to mention fingers and toes from being as cold as a Butterball Turkey while I am outside in “it feels like o degree” weather!
This winter weather has me and lots of others ,I’m sure wishing for spring to hurry up and get here. But by the end of the week it should be about 70 degrees for the high here so I can live with that. I think. Still an early spring would be nice, don’t ya think? Spring brings along with it warmer weather, pretty flowers, short sleeves, love bugs, hay fever, allergies. Never mind spring, take your time. Let’s skip spring altogether and head straight for summer.
It would be nice to live in a tropical place where it is summer year round wouldn’t it? Shorts, summer vacations, beaches, bathing suits…Uh oh. I need to lose a few pounds first and summer has mosquitoes and gnats. And when would I ever wear those cute sweaters and winter boots? So I think I will just be happy with the winter weather we have right now. Maybe, for a few minutes at least. Until the next time I go outside and it is colder than my freezer. Then perhaps I will dream of fall. Fall, beautiful leaves, a cool breeze in the air; sounds about right. Oh wait, there is no fall in Georgia. Oh well, I can always dream.


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