One Word-365

No more New Years resolutions for me. I don’t usually make resolutions anyway. Who wants to make a bunch of resolutions they can’t keep? This year I’m going to eat healthy, lose weight, eat less sweets, drink less, exercise more, swear less, yada yada yada! We all know these things are not going to last for a whole year! This year I did decide however to join a tribe instead, the tribe of one word-ers!

It is really pretty simple. Take a look in at yourself, your needs, what you need to accomplish. What do you need to do to be a better you? Look up for guidance. For me that means prayer and asking God what He thinks I need to be improving on. And finally Look outward. Look at your family relationships etc. Spend some time in thought and prayer and your word will come to you. I did and my word came. And then I found the website. Leave it to me to do things backwards. There are words to look through if you need help finding one to suit your needs.

I chose consistency. I need more consistency in my diet and exercise. And yes this is probably a one word way of saying I could stand to drop a pound or two but doesn’t eating a consistently healthy diet and exercising consistently sound much better?
I also am involved in a bible study group. Good Morning Girls. I need more consistency in my daily study and prayer time. And especially in between study times.
I also need to focus on being consistent in my relationships with my family and friends. I could stand to keep my opinions a little more in check sometimes. So there you have it- my word CONSISTENCY! And so far I am the only one who has chosen that word.

So whether you made resolutions or decide to join the tribe of one word-ers like me, good luck to you and a very happy and consistent New Year!


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