Breakfast time: Calling all people, dogs and chickens?

So the cutest thing happened this morning as I called Mr. Cheese to breakfast. You will have to settle for my description because I didn’t have my camera. Because He and the dogs, and a bunch of the chickens were in the garden I walked out the back door and yelled, “food”! Within a second here comes Sara Lee the fit and trim lab running at full speed with Gracie, our chubby black lab, lumbering behind in the distance. Laughing, I say “well I don’t have to call you two twice do I? Now how long will it take Daddy?” Then, as if he hears me, he cranks up the Kubota and heads up with Dakota, the beagle, running behind. Then I see it. A little golden hen running behind Gracie as fast as she can, trying to keep up! By now I’m cracking up. Mr. C has pulled up laughing and we ask our little golden girl, ” Have you come for breakfast too?”
Now, my chickens recognize their feed bucket and they know where the food and scratch and other treats are stored. But this is certainly the first time one has come running to a breakfast call!
They are amazing and intelligent creatures and so much fun.


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