Southern Cornbread and biscuit dressing


Any true southerner knows that a Thanksgiving meal must include cornbread and biscuit dressing. Sorry but no stuffing for us! To start I make a pan of good ole southern biscuits and a pan of corn bread. I add one extra egg to the cornbread. Once that is done the dressing making begins.

Juice from turkey or chicken broth

Crumble the biscuits and cornbread into a large casserole dish. I usually make mine about half cornbread, half biscuit. It gives it a really nice taste.
Add celery and onion, amount to your liking. (If you have non celery eaters like I do you can use celery salt for flavor)
Add the juice, salt and pepper and mash together.
The dressing should be very moist now to come out perfect after baking!
Bake at 450 degrees until brown.

It should be moist enough after baking to not even need gravy, but we all know a southerner needs giblet gravy so here is a link for a very simple and adaptable gravy.

Is anyone else getting hungry?


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