Mulled Wine


The weather is getting cooler. Fall is definitely here, even in South Georgia! It’s time maybe for a little apple cider, hot chocolate and other warm beverages in the evening. What do you do with that red wine that has been in the fridge a little too long? I know right now some of you are rolling in the floor, literally, laughing and thinking “wine, too long in the fridge, really?” 🙂
But just imagine with me, or go out and get a cheap bottle of red. Mulled wine tastes great and here is a recipe I love.

1 bottle – (4 cups)dry or semi-sweet red wine
Try to find a wine with a nice cranberry, apple, cherry or pomegranate taste that blends nicely.

4 1/2-5 cups either apple cider or cranapple juice
If using an apple based wine like the Apple Barn’s Apple Cranberry, cranapple juice would be delish!

1 pkg of Mulling Spices- I use Raven’s Original

Simmer in crock pot on low until nice and warm.


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