I see chickens everywhere!

On our vacation the first part of this month my son asked us complete with sarcasm, “Did you see chickens everywhere before you had chickens?” Mr. Cheese of course said no and I said “Well, I guess not this much!”
Now you have to understand that I see chickens everywhere and in everything. They are in the clouds, ink blots, tree limbs and stumps, ketchup spots, you name it. So naturally as we are walking through antique stores we are looking for chicken stuff, I mean really, that is a given. But I guess the loud CHICKENS!!! every time I see one might be a little over the top. But in my defense Mr. Cheese is just as bad, just quieter.
We visited the salt and pepper museum in Gatlinburg while we were in Tennessee. I heard my son before I rounded the corner , “We’ll never get her out of here now!” As I turned the corner there was an entire room of salt and pepper shakers dedicated to the farm animals. And, you guessed it, a whole wall of CHICKENS!!! Yes, I lingered a while and bought a hen and roo salt and pepper shaker set.
Oh and by the way, we came home with several chicken doo dads from antique stores too.


2 thoughts on “I see chickens everywhere!

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