There’s no place like home!

We just returned late the other night from a week, almost, in the Smokies. If you are like us when you travel it always takes longer to get home than it does to get there. We hurry there and dilly dally home. Especially this time since we couldn’t hike in the Smokies, which was our main goal. Instead of hiking as usual we did more shopping than normal at the Arts and Crafts Village and visited Forbidden Caverns and Bush Brothers Museum and had digital pictures made with the famous Duke who of course is always trying to reveal the family secret! And of course you know we visited the Bass Pro Shop in Sevierville We found Black Rock Mountain State Park on the way home and hiked a few trails. Add in a few more stops and it is 14 hours home vs 8 up there! Oh I wish I could have clicked my heels like Dorothy at about 8:00pm when we were all tired and ready for home!
Upon arriving home we were greeted by 3 dogs and a cat who have missed us so much and us them. There was clearly lots of hugs and kisses going on around here. Our silly lab Sara Lee jumped in and out of the car a few times and then into the back seat and sat down as if to say, “you aren’t leaving again without me!” Since it was dark and late Mr. Cheese checked and counted all 47 chickens with a flash light. Those hello’s will have to wait until the morning. Now if you’re thinking its unusual to check and count the chickens you must not be a chicken farmer!
First thing in the morning, well as soon as we can wake up anyway, we rushed out and let the chickens out to free range and say hello to them all. Listening to the roosters crow, watching the hens scratch around in the grass,watching the dogs run and play, enjoying the cool breeze on this cool Georgia fall day all reminds me that no matter how much I love the Great Smoky Mountains, no matter how beautiful the scenery and hiking may be that just like Dorothy I know there is no place like home!


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