Fun Chicken facts

Chickens are fascinating creatures. The picture here is some of our hens playing in the daily “river”. They love it. Here are just a few fun facts about these wonderful feathered friends!

1. Chickens love to play in the water.
2. Chickens are very social. They have dominant hens and roosters also known as the pecking order.

Playing in the "River"
Playing in the “River”

3. Chickens can understand, unlike young children, that once something or someone is taken away that it still exists. This may explain how they know exactly where my treats are kept!
4. The dominant rooster protects the hens and they graze near him for safety. Our roosters and hens have little flocks they seem to travel with.
5. Chickens have different calls that have specific meanings. They sound predator alarms, alert each other to where the food is, call the young, and even have a certain sound after laying an egg!
6. Chickens can recognize many other individual chickens.
7. Chicken mammas show empathy toward their babies.
8. Chickens also recognize humans. Mine hear our footsteps as we head toward them everyday and run to the fence and wait. When they see us, they start running and flying to get out.

My chickens give joy, beautiful eggs and lots of love. And I give them a great home, treats and lots of love too. Sounds like a good deal to me!


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