Why we live in the country

Why do we live in the country aka the middle of nowhere? I could probably give you a million reasons but I will try to keep it to just a few.
The view is much better. Out my back and front door is trees, beautiful woods, gorgeous green grass and of course the gardens.
At night the sky is clear and I can see stars and right now a beautiful harvest moon.
My dogs and cat have freedom to roam and play without restrictions and enjoy the woods and ponds.
We enjoy driving ATV’s in the woods and fishing in the pond.
The only noise I hear out here is crickets, frogs, hens and roosters and other animals. This is a whole lot better to me than busy streets and loud neighbors.
I can sit outside on my back deck and enjoy the peace and quiet. This, I love.
I could go on and on but if you live in the peaceful countryside then right now you are nodding in agreement. If not and you enjoy city living then you know what they say. It takes all kinds of folks to make the world go ’round. You can keep the city, and give me my country life!


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