Everything you need to know you can learn from chickens!

Everything you ever need to know about what is fair and important in this life can be learned from chickens!

 1- Flock together. Chickens stay together and look out for one another. Wouldn’t it be nice if people did the same?
2- Eat a healthy diet. Chickens make sure they get plenty of healthy grubs and grasses. They don’t eat junk food unless you give it to them. 🙂
3- Exercise, flap your wings and move around!
4- A little treat every now and then is okay.
5-Don’t peck the hand that feeds you. It will get you in trouble.
6- Clean up after yourself. Chickens will “turn” the wood chips as they scratch in the coop and keep it somewhat fresh.
7-When Daddy gets home you should run to him and greet him. He will probably give you a treat.
8- Crawling up in Mommy’s lap for a little love makes all boo boo’s better.

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